• We're a Family of Farmers

    It's what makes us successful

    at Lamb Farms.
  • We're Organic Recyclers

    Land efficiency and conservation is our focus

    Introducing AgRecycle.
  • Lamb Farms Agronomy

    assures our land owners

    the best yield possible.
  • Farming God's Way

    We're teaching farming techniques and God's plan

    through AgriStewards.

We're focused on land efficiency,
conservation and the environment.

Farming today requires a great deal of technical expertise as well as responsibility.
It's imperative that we make the best use of the land for our landowners as well as
partner with non-farmers in the community to be good neighbors.

About Lamb Farms, Inc.

Here's Our Story
Take a look to see what Bob, Dean and Don Lamb see as what makes Lamb Farms successful for our land owners, our employees and our community.
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