Organic Recycling

Organic Recycling is a key component of the success we have for our land owners. Our organic recycling division, AgRecycle, takes organic wastes that are normally dumped in a landfill and turns them into a beneficial product that is spread on our farms. Therefore amending the soil’s nutrient and biological value, improving yield, and the overall health of our farms.

Our organic recycling began in the early 1990′s as a entrepreneurial vision. God, family, responsible farming and giving back have been the focus for three generations. Composting and soil amending was a logical addition to our operations. In 2008, under the leadership of long-time family friend, Guy Shafer, we became a formal division of Lamb Farms, Inc. Since then AgRecycle has continued to expand in our ability to cost effectively recycle organics that were traditionally entering our landfills. We are also able to convert it to useful amendments that naturally increase the nutrient levels and productivity of our soils. Now AgRecycle not only provides organic recycling for Lamb Farms, but also other area farms and the general public as well.

To learn more about AgRecycle, click here to visit their website.